Massoud Foundation USA has 3 primary missions:

  1.  Mission of Knowledge: Celebrate and study the life and contributions of Ahmad Shah Massoud, Afghanistan's National Hero.
  2.  Mission of Relationship: Enhance the vital relationship between Afghanistan and the United States.
  3.  Mission of Community: Encourage the development of a strong community of the Afghan diaspora in North America.

Helping the Foundation Succeed

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The Board Members, Foundation Staff, and supporters of the Foundation would be immensely thankful for any financial contributions people are willing to make to help further the Foundation's mission and accomplish these Principal Goals.


To make a financial contribution, please click the donate link, below, or you can call (toll-free) or email Credit and debit cards and Apple Pay are accepted through the donate link.

Following every donation, supporters will receive an automatic email receipt for tax deduction purposes and then the Foundation will send an official letter with our grateful thanks for each donor's generosity.  We will also take the opportunity to invite you to join future Foundation events. Also, donors can choose to make their donations in honor of others.

How we plan to accomplish the Foundation's primary missions

Each mission of the Massoud Foundation USA requires complementary and strengthening skills, networks, and hard work.  Our Board and Staff are closely aligned for these missions, and each member of the team brings different types of expertise and perspective so we remain an inclusive and cohesive organization.

The Foundation would not exist without the positive energy and good will of the people of Afghanistan, so we continuously aspire to support community development among the Afghan diaspora and to lead our lives by the fine example given to us in the life of Ahmad Shah Massoud. We also give daily thanks to our wonderful American friends and the US government, without which Afghanistan would very likely remain under the yoke of authoritarian extremism and militancy.

Every donation received by the Foundation is invested in operations to achieve each mission.  Those operations include awareness and promotion campaigns, events for the community, community coordination with government and other non-profit resources, and assistance with integration for new members of the Afghan diaspora in North America.  Of course we must also fund basic staff and office costs and occasional travel for the Foundation.  Our commitment on administrative expenses is to operate conservatively and to continuously seek grants and other public funding for organizational capacity development so we use as few donations as possible internally.  We believe strongly in publicly accounting for Foundation operations, so the Board publishes an annual report detailing the income, expenses, assets, and liabilities of the Foundation, acting honorably as a US-based non-profit organization.

Mission of Knowledge - Studying the life of Ahmad Shah Massoud

In the Foundation's mission to celebrate and study Ahmad Shah Massoud, the Foundation endeavors to become a sponsor of research into the life and times of Afghanistan's National Hero.  To live the wonderful values and ideals of the Lion of the Panjshir, we must study his life and how he interacted with those around him and with the broader Afghan and international communities.  To further this "mission of knowledge," the Foundation aspires to:

  1.  Sponsor educational events and create scholarships to study the values and ideals of Ahmad Shah Massoud.
  2.  Publish academic histories, photographic albums, and other examinations of his life and times to understand the context in which he worked.
  3.  Partner with academic institutions to broaden the understanding of his life and times by employing as many perspectives and sources as possible.
  4.  Become an online library of audio-visual and written information about Ahmad Shah Massoud and the resistance against the Soviets and Taliban.

Mission of Relationship - Enhancing Afghanistan's relationship with America

We are immensely proud of the long relationship Afghanistan has enjoyed with America.  From the first recorded visit of an American to Afghanistan in the 1830s to the current military assistance through Operation Resolute Support, Afghanistan has welcomed American visitors, explorers, investors, friends, and liberators for a long time.  And since the Soviet invasion, many Afghans have successfully emigrated to the United States, further cementing the two countries' ties.  With great respect for this history, the Massoud Foundation USA endeavors to continuously contribute to the maintenance and improvement of the special relationship Afghanistan and America have together.

To further the Massoud Foundation USA's "mission of relationship," the Foundation is committed to providing educational resources to community groups and leaders, international policy scholars, educational institutions of all levels, and the general public.  Also, the Foundation works with American NGOs and government agencies to assist recent Afghan immigrants with cultural and professional integration and assimilation.

Mission of Community - Developing Community among the Afghan Diaspora

Having a sense of community is a vital foundation for a stable, cohesive society.  In this age of rapid communications technology advancements and global disruption, developing that sense of community for everyone has become more important than ever before.  Therefore, the Massoud Foundation USA endeavors to contribute to that effort by organizing community events for the Afghan diaspora in America, with the goal of improving social and economic integration, celebrating the history, culture, science, and art of Afghanistan, and connecting recent immigrants with longer term immigrants and American community groups.

At the Foundation’s events page, you can register for events organized by the Foundation itself, and there are links to other Afghan-related events that are compiled by other websites.  Please check the events page regularly, as we will update it often, and please sign up to receive email updates about Foundation events.