We aspire to bring together the people of the Afghan diaspora in America to celebrate the rich history of Afghanistan and gain their commitment to help Afghanistan recover and prosper.  We see America as a wonderful ‘brother-friend’ of Afghanistan, and we wish to thank the American people for their support and continued efforts to improve governance and security in Afghanistan.

We will see national unity in the realization of social justice.
— Ahmad Shah Massoud

Massoud Foundation USA, a Public Benefit Corporation

The Foundation was awarded tax-exempt status by the US Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)3 Public Benefit Corporation.  This qualifies donations to the Foundation as deductible, tax-exempt charitable contributions.

Massoud Foundation USA Board of Directors

The Massoud Foundation USA Board of Directors was created to provide guidance and advice to the Foundation’s many efforts and to maintain oversight of the Foundation’s operations and finances.  The Board consists of five members, including one permanent representative from the Massoud Foundation of Afghanistan.  Board members generally serve two-year terms, and their membership, roles, and fiduciary responsibilities are defined in the Foundation’s bylaws and governing documents.

Ambassador Ahmad Wali Massoud, Chairman, Massoud Foundation of Afghanistan.  Ambassador Massoud is the younger brother of the late Ahmad Shah Massoud.   After serving in Ahmad Shah Massoud's resistance army during the Soviet invasion and as a London-based political activist, in 1992 Mr. Wali Massoud was appointed as Afghanistan’s Minister Counsellor and Chargé d'Affaires in London.  After the fall of the Taliban, and following the establishment of the new administration under the Bonn Agreement, he was appointed as ambassador to the United Kingdom in 2003.  Ambassador Massoud’s appointment once again elevated the position of the Afghan ambassador in the United Kingdom.  Ambassador Massoud has a masters degree in political science.

As Chairman of the Massoud Foundation of Afghanistan, Ambassador Massoud was instrumental in the establishment of the Massoud Foundation USA and serves as a permanent member of the Foundation's Board of Directors.


Ahmad Massoud, President, Massoud Foundation of Afghanistan. Ahmad Massoud is the son of the late Ahmad Shah Massoud and a he is founding member of the Massoud Foundation USA Board of Directors.  Through his service as President of the Massoud Foundation of Afghanistan, Mr. Massoud encourages leadership development of the next generation of Afghans.

Mr. Massoud gained deep experience in politics early by growing up at his father's side and witnessing his father's political/military decision-making process.  Mr. Massoud was 12 years old when his father was assassinated, and until then, he was mostly "home-schooled" by his father, who focused his son's education on literature, history, and ethics.

Mr. Massoud has a strong interest in astronomy, literature, and soccer.  Additionally, he has organized many events for the Massoud Foundation in Afghanistan in London, especially key annual commemorations for his father on September 9, also known as Martyrs' Day in Afghanistan.  Mr. Massoud graduated from King’s College London where he majored in Political Science and War Studies and earned his master’s degree in International Politics from the City University of London. 

Ali Maisam Nazary, President & Founding Board Chairman, Massoud Foundation USA. Ali Nazary is a proud Afghan-American and most recently served as the Confidential Secretary and Press Advisor to His Excellency Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Chief Executive of Afghanistan.  During the Afghan Presidential campaign in 2014, Mr. Nazary played a leadership role in the development of electoral anti-fraud efforts, which resulted in the identification of millions of fraudulent ballots and a number of corrupt officials.  Mr. Nazary brings his passions for social justice and international relations to the Massoud Foundation USA and, as President, he is focused on building  organizational capacity and community outreach.

Mr. Nazary was born in Afghanistan and later moved to the United States, where he earned his BA in Political Science & Near Eastern Studies at UCLA and then earned a Master of Science in Comparative Politics & Conflict Resolution at the London School of Economics in England.  Mr. Nazary’s professional experience includes service as a Political Advisor to the European Campaign for Human Rights in Afghanistan and as the Co-Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Director of the Aryana Foundation, an international non-profit campaigning to reduce poverty in Afghanistan.

Will Semmes, Founding Board Member, Massoud Foundation USA. Mr. Semmes is the President of Bellwether Partners, a government relations and public funding consultancy based in California.  At Bellwether, Mr. Semmes advises companies and organizations on optimal strategies to leverage government regulations, contracting, and public funding to succeed.  Bellwether's clients include organizations focused on Afghanistan, so he is a frequent visitor to Kabul and other areas of the country.

Prior to Bellwether, Mr. Semmes served in Governor Schwarzenegger's administration as the Chief Deputy Director of the California Department of General Services, Director of the California Conservation Corps, and Co-Director of the California Performance Review.  Leading to his work in state government, Mr. Semmes was the co-founder of an internet-based, mass-customization manufacturing and sales company in Philadelphia.  Mr. Semmes graduated from Tulane University with a BA in History focused on Imperial Rome, and then served as an infantry officer and forward air controller in the United States Marine Corps.


Yusuf Dawood Nazar (Yusife Nazir), Board Member & Director of Government Relations. Mr. Nazar is an Afghan-American who was born and raised in the United States and, at age 16, answered the call to serve his unique heritage and support American efforts and Afghans in Afghanistan. He founded an international non-profit focused on defeating the Taliban by encouraging education and improving the infrastructure of orphanages and schools. He organized teams of local government and community leaders to restock medical supplies and provide clean water. He also served as a cultural advisor to US troops in Afghanistan.

In the US, Mr. Nazar has served on the legislative staff of two California Assemblymembers, and assisted in getting multiple legislative bills signed by Governor Brown. Also, he has managed numerous projects with the National Institutes of Health to combat asthma and cancer. Mr. Nazar graduated cum laude from San Diego State University where earned his degree in International Security and Conflict Resolution, with an emphasis in conflict cooperation. Mr. Nazar lends his legislative and governmental experience to the Foundation as the Director of Government Relations.